At Home Decor Curtains we offer a huge variety of fabrics in both a blockout fabric and a sheer fabric, you are sure to find something to suit your décor needs. With a choice of tracks and headings you will have the perfect look customized specially for your home!

Sheer Curtains

For understated elegance and style, it’s impossible to beat sheer curtains. These sophisticated window dressings give a breezy, flowing look and feel to rooms and they work perfectly in modern interiors. They can help to soften the appearance of spaces and they look superb both when drawn and when they are pulled to the side, giving a soft frame to your windows.

With sheers in your rooms, you can bring the outside in, breaking down visual barriers between the indoors and outdoors. These curtains also help you to make the most of all the natural light on offer, and they allow air to circulate freely around your rooms. The interior design features also enable you to keep your views of the world outside while helping you to maintain your privacy.

We offer a variety of designs, meaning you won’t struggle to find versions that suit your home interior. Whether you want to opt for plain styles or patterned fabrics, we should have the ideal products for you. Simply peruse our collection to see for yourself.

For greater versatility, you can team sheers up with blockout curtains. We offer a range of complementary designs, meaning you won’t struggle to find pairs that match perfectly. Opting for a combination of sheers and blockouts like this means you can have total control over the level of brightness and privacy in your rooms.

Blockout Curtains

Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your rooms or you simply want to add a stylish finishing touch to them, our blockout curtains could be the perfect products for you. Like all our curtains and blinds, they come in an array of designs, colours and fabrics, meaning you won’t struggle to find versions that are the perfect match for your home. From bold blues and radiant reds to subtle and soothing creams and greys, we have it all. You can also choose between elegant plain designs and curtains featuring intricate patterns.

The best thing is, as well as looking great, these window dressings are highly practical. As their name suggests, they block out light from outside, meaning you have complete control over the level of brightness in your rooms. This makes blockouts a particularly popular choice in nurseries and bedrooms, but they work equally well in all other parts of the home. As well as offering 100% control over light levels, these products help to regulate the temperature in your home. In spells of cool weather, they can help to trap warmth. Meanwhile, during the long hot summers, you can draw them to create shade in your rooms and to keep them cool. Blockouts also offer complete privacy whenever you want it.